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I work at a movie theatre and the till spits out the perfect sized stubs to easily doodle comics when absolutely no one is around on a Thursday evening. Despite Lucy and Hercules premiering tonight.

they’re a little tough to read, my speech bubble drawing skills aren’t that great. But that’s basically what it’s like to work at a movie theatre.

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"After the conference, I asked what he’d written on that paper he had. He showed it to me. It was his official retirement statement. This was the first sentence:

"I hope to work for ten more years."

- The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, 2013

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minim house | foundry architects

pull out floor bed with full mattress (no loft to crawl up, cooler in the summer, simple bed-making).

no walls to diminish sense of space. (210 ft2) for full 1-2 person living and entertaining: a 10′ kitchen, a 5′ closet, 8′ sofa/guest bed, dedicated office area, 4′ dining table, comfortable seating for 7, and a 7′ projection screen.

streamlined framing and insulation with standardized SIPs panels (shipped nationwide). Just 3 windows and 1 door to install; no window/door trim work on exterior or interior.

innovative table system that may be raised/lowered/swiveled in 4 floor sockets to function as kitchen island/bar, second desk, coffee table, dining table, and bedside table.

detachable design (house may be undocked from trailer with 15 bolts).

off-grid design for areas without water/sewer/electric hookups.

integrated rain catchment/storage with no visible gutters.

minim micro homes | plans | more boneyard